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Herbi Recipe: Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Hasselback Potatoes
Our roarsome customer, Dannie (@thegreengambit), created this super easy vegan pepperoni pizza hasselback potatoes using our very own plant-based pepperoni! To recreate: Set oven to 200°C, Dannie started with some pre-made basil tomato pasta sauce from @muttipomodoroau In there, she popped in the potatoes, which had been neatly sliced in hasselback fashion, and topped those with some of the garlic-infused oil from @cobramestate and a sprinkle of the paprika/garlic All Purpose Seasoning from @masterfoods! The potatoes then went into the oven for 20...
Herbi Recipe: Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Panini
This vegan Pepperoni Pizza Panini is so tantalising you’ll probably want to make it every week! This recipe is brought to you by Jane (@veganonthegc) using Herbidoor's Vegan Pepperoni and it is UNBELIEVABLY delish, with just enough heat 🔥
Herbi Recipe: Double Choc Cookie Sandwich with Strawberry Nice-Cream
Double Choc Cookie Sandwich with luscious Strawberry Nice-Cream - these gorgeous high protein cookies are new to @herbidoor & they actually taste like brownies! You can pop them in the oven for 5 mins to soften the gooey chocolate- or make this fabulous fruity dessert!

The Vegan Carnivore Experiment

DAY THIRTY: The Vegan Carnivore Experiment
Day thirty of The Vegan Carnivore Experiment Matt tests his will power by only having black coffee at the breakfast buffet and shares his workout for the day. On the home stretch 🤙🏽 AM - WalkPM - Random Gym HITT - 45 seconds work 15 seconds rest - 3 Rounds - 48 minutes totalKettlebell Goblet SquatsDumbbell Bench PressBent Over Dumbbell RowsMountain ClimbersKettlebell DeadliftsDumbbell Arnold PressDumbbell Bent Over Reverse FlyesLeg RaisesDumbbell Step-upsDumbbell SkullcrushersDumbbell Alternating Dumbbell CurlsPlank...
DAY TWENTY-SIX: The Vegan Carnivore Experiment
Day twenty six of The Vegan Carnivore Experiment Matt  DAY TWENTY SIX TRAINING PROGRAM  Workout One AM - Walk   Workout Two  PM - Dymatize Project Mass: Cycle 3, Microcycle 3, Day 82 - Push Hypertrophy   Dumbbell Bench Press Set 1: 22.5kg x 12 reps Set 2: 22.5kg x 11 reps Set 3: 20kg x 12 reps Set 4: 20kg x 12 reps   Pushups Set 1: 12 reps Set 2: 5 reps Set 3: 5...
DAY TWENTY-NINE: The Vegan Carnivore Experiment
Day twenty nine of The Vegan Carnivore Experiment It’s Christmas Day and Matt doesn’t get to enjoy the festivities because he’s just eating vegan meat! Amanda and Matt talk through his results and then they take the boys for a family vacay. AM - 10km RunPM - Walk Here are the excerpts from Matt's My Fitness Pal for day one so you can see full calorie and macro split:   View this post on Instagram A...

ROAR Episodes

ROAR Ep. 5: Herbidoor Meals now in MyFitnessPal!
We have completed a much requested update for you! Myfitnesspal entries are now up to date and correct. All barcodes should be linked, if you don’t use the barcode then look for the (OFFICIAL) entries. Thank you for your feedback and support! We are always working hard to improve for you!
ROAR EP 4: The Vegan Carnivore Experiment
ROAR Ep 2 for 2023: Today Amanda and Matt discuss Matt’s @thevegcarnivore Experiment that he’s undertook and is releasing day by day on The Veg Carnivore Instagram. Matt ate pretty much only Vegan Meat for the whole month, other things he included in his diet where berries, avocado and dates. You can see all the episodes to date at @thevegcarnivore and you can see his full training program and diet at www.Herbidoor.comThank you for your support! Let us know what other...
ROAR Ep 3: Christmas break in Townsville + new Herbidoor meals???
ROAR 1 for 2023! Happy New Year Herbidoor fam 🙌🙌 In ROAR 1 2023 we discuss upcoming menu changes, bring your favourite meal back and shout out some great vegan friendly restaurants/cafes in Townsville. @shorehousetownsville @thebeetbar @squeezeme_townsville all offer fantastic vegan options. There are a couple of other fully vegan places in Townsville too, but they, unfortunately, weren’t open over the Christmas break 😔 Let us know in the comments below what you got up...


7 Irresistible Reasons Why Ready-Made Vegan Meals are a Must-Have!
Looking to revolutionize your mealtime routine? Ready-made vegan meals might just be the game-changer you've been waiting for! Here are 7 irresistible reasons why incorporating these delicious plant-based options into your diet is an absolute must:
Gift Ideas for the Vegan of Your Life
Coming up with gift ideas for the vegan in your life can sometimes be challenging. I know I have been gifted leather items, and dairy chocolate far too many times! Share this blog with the non-vegans in your life to give them a hint about what you would like.   For The Vegan Foodie There is honestly so much amazing food out there now, that I am surely going to miss out on mentioning some...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Can you believe that we are in December, already? 😳

We want to take a quick moment to thank you for your support this year. It's been an up and down year full of extremes and twists and turns. But we are here, and we are so grateful for your support.