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Herbi Recipe: Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Hasselback Potatoes
Our roarsome customer, Dannie (@thegreengambit), created this super easy vegan pepperoni pizza hasselback potatoes using our very own plant-based pepperoni! To recreate: Set oven to 200°C, Dannie started...
Herbi Recipe: Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Panini
This vegan Pepperoni Pizza Panini is so tantalising you’ll probably want to make it every week! This recipe is brought to you by Jane (@veganonthegc) using Herbidoor's Vegan Pepperoni and it is UNBELIEVABLY delish, with just enough heat 🔥
Herbi Recipe: Double Choc Cookie Sandwich with Strawberry Nice-Cream
Double Choc Cookie Sandwich with luscious Strawberry Nice-Cream - these gorgeous high protein cookies are new to @herbidoor & they actually taste like brownies! You can pop them in the oven for 5 mins to soften the gooey chocolate- or make this fabulous fruity dessert!
Herbi Recipe: Marinated Lamb Pita Pockets with Beetroot, Hummus & Spiced Coconut Yoghurt
Marinated Lamb Pita Pockets with beetroot hummus & spiced coconut yoghurt - Gosh you are going ♥️ the Plant based Lamb Shreds from @herbidoor they are soooooo succulent and they grill in a couple of minutes - these little pita breads are perfect for entertaining- but normal size ones will work just as well!
Herbi Recipe: Plant-based Brisket with Moroccan Veggie Couscous
We've partnered with Jane (@veganonthegc) to create this succulent HerbiDoor Brisket with a Moroccan Spiced Vegetable Couscous, drizzled with coconut yoghurt & pomegranate tahini dressing. It is...
Herbi Recipe: Chick'n Parmigiana Burger with a twist!
We've partnered again with Jane (@veganonthegc) to create this chick'n parmigiana burger with vanilla, pepperberry & strawberry jam, melty mozzarella, baby rocket, garlic aioli & caramelised onion, using our best ever Chick'n Parmigiana! A somewhat unusual combination, but is a flavour explosion you don't want to miss!
Herbi Recipe: Easy Vegan Lamb Gyros Recipe
One of our ROARSOME customers, Dannie (@thegreengambit), created this super easy Vegan Lamb Gyros using our wholesome plant-based shredded lamb!
Herbi Recipe: Thai 'Beef' Salad with Nam Jim Dressing
Thai ‘Beef’ Salad with Nam Jim Dressing, featuring Herbidoor's Vegan Steak - sweet, tangy & aromatic 🌿
Herbi Recipe: Burleigh 'Steak' Sandwich with Caramelised Onion & Maple Aioli
Craving for a plant-based steak sandwich? We have partnered with our friend, Jane (@veganonthegc) to create a to die for Burleigh 'Steak' Sandwich with Caramelised Onion & Maple Mustard Aoili, using no other than, HerbiDoor's Vegan Steak! Plus, you can create this bomb sandwich in just 20 minutes. YES PLEASE!