Who & what is Herbidoor?

Herbi is your friendly Plant Based delivery Dino :)

Delivering delicious vegan noms across Australia... woohoo!!!

Herbi has designed a wide range of home delivery meals and snacks to cater for:

- People looking to transition to plant based eating with his mock meat range
- Classic whole food favourites that will remind you of homes home cooking without the cruelty
- There is also a Dietician and Nutritionist approved menu that follows oil free whole food plant based guidelines

All Herbi's meals are delivered fresh and not frozen directly from our cruelty free kitchen directly to your door yay ;)

We have an optional subscription service that you can choose to opt in to. Some of our regulars like to do this so that they don't forget to place their order before the cut off time. 

Herbi has designed his meals to contain optimal amounts of protein, nutrient dense vegetables (nature's superfoods) and give you the convenience of not having to prepare and cook meals yourself while maintaining a busy and healthy lifestyle.

We source locally grown, spray free produce from farms around south east Queensland and Northern NSW. 

What Day and Time will my yummy delivery arrive?

You can now choose your preferred delivery day at checkout. Simply choose your delivery day on the calendar and your delivery will arrive on that day. Delivery time is between 8am to 6pm. We are unable to give you an exact time for delivery at time of order.

Our refrigerated courier company will text you the evening before your delivery is scheduled to arrive with your tracking link and an ETA for your order. If you don't receive that text, or you have any questions about your delivery, please let us know. We are here to help.

Can I change my order delivery address?

You sure can. However, it must be no later than midnight on the night you ordered. 

Please email meals@herbidoor.com and quote the following: 

   - Name

   - Contact Number

   - Order Number.

Herbi takes no responsibility for orders not reaching the correct destination, so please double-check your details when checking out. As meals are sent via refrigerated courier, we cannot deliver to a parcel locker.

Where does Herbi deliver to?

Herbi's delivery areas are expanding all the time. Herbi is working hard behind the scenes to find stockists in your area too.

Currently, Herbi Delivers to areas of Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Victoria. 

You can check if Herbi delivers to you by searching for your postcode HERE!

Is there a minimum order requirement?

No, there is currently no minimum order amount.  However, shipping does decrease the more meals you order. 

  • Orders $69.99 and under, delivery is $25
  • Orders $70 to $94.99, delivery is $15
  • Orders $95 to $159.99, delivery is $10
  • All orders over $160, delivery is free!
What are the delivery fees?
  • Orders $69.99 and under, delivery is $25
  • Orders $70 to $94.99, delivery is $15
  • Orders $95 to $159.99, delivery is $10
  • All orders over $160, delivery is free!
How do I track my order?

BeCool, our refrigerated courier company will text you the evening before your delivery is scheduled to arrive with your tracking link and an ETA for your order. If you don't receive that text, or you have any questions about your delivery, please let us know. We are here to help. Delivery time window is any time between 8am to 6pm only.

When is order cutoff/deadline to place an order by each week?

The order cutoff date is every Sunday, 11:00pm (AEST), which means all orders placed after midnight will fall under the next order cycle.  However, we do offer express delivery for most of the Gold Coast

For more info, please check our Delivery Info page.

Do you offer subscriptions?

We certainly do! Simply click on the "TICK TO SUBSCRIBE" button that is found in the meal pages.

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order for any reason please email meals@herbidoor.com with your Full Name, Contact Number and Order Number as soon as possible. 

We require any orders to be cancelled before midnight on the day they were placed. After this time we may have already booked in your courier, ordered ingredients and started preparing your meals. If you need your delivery delayed or sent to a different address, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing meals@herbidoor.com 

If you put a cancellation request through after the midnight cut off on the day you ordered, we may still be able to assist you. If we are able to refund your order we reserve the right to refund your order less any bank/transaction fees and a restock fee (herein to be known as 'total fee') after the midnight cut off as stock will be allocated and ordered and couriers may have been booked for your delivery already. Fees will be as follows - 10% total fee for Afterpay, 3% total fee for Credit Card Payments and 4% total fee for PayPal.

If anything changes with your order and you need to cancel, we will try our best to accommodate your request. If we have made and dispatched your order unfortunately we are unable to cancel. We could however arrange to deliver on an alternative day or to an alternative address if cancelling isn't an option. We reserve the right to charge any restocking fees or cancellation fees as per our terms and conditions.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Not at all, Herbi's drivers will leave your delivery in a safe place at your designated address.

If you have any special instructions please add them to the "Delivery Instructions" section of the shopping cart when checking out.

Please make sure any companion animals are secured so that our drivers have safe access to your front door for delivery. 

Can I choose my meals?

You sure can. You can either choose a one off order by selecting your meals and adding them to your shopping cart. 

Or if you would prefer to subscribe and save a few dollars, you can go to "Subscription Meals Plans" link on the top menu and then select your meals. Once you are on a meal box subscription though, each order (after your initial order) will process on the same day you process your order (e.g. if you ordered on a Wednesday, your orders will process every Wednesday of the week). To change your meals each week, you just need to log into your membership portal before your order processes. You will receive an email notification reminding you to make any changes approximately 24 hours before your next order is processed.

What do you need before you order?

You will just need the delivery details and to make payment in full for your order before it is accepted.

Once you have completed your checkout we don't need anything further from you - only for you to enjoy your delicious noms once they arrive. 

When am I charged for my order?

After selecting your delicious noms and providing your contact and delivery information, you will be directed to complete your order with payment. Herbi accepts various payment methods including all major debit and credit cards, AfterPay, Paypal and more. However, orders cannot be completed without payment being finalised.

If you are on a subscription, your payment will process on the same day you process your order (e.g. if you ordered on a Wednesday, your orders will process every Wednesday of the week). The only thing you need to worry about is making any meal changes before your order processes. You will receive an email notification reminding you to make any changes approximately 24 hours before your next order is processed. Once it's processed, it is final. 

How much are Herbi's delicious meals?

We have our Comfort Meal range which is $13.45, our Vegan Active Meal range which is $14.95 and our Signature Series range (with our premium chef made vegan meats) for $15.95. 

How do I apply coupon codes to my order?

From time to time, Herbi will offer specials and discounts through his email newsletters, text messages, advertising and via various social media platforms. If you are lucky enough to receive one of these coupon codes you can add it to the Discount Code section of the shopping cart before making payment to finalise your order.

Unfortunately, if you do not enter the code or enter it incorrectly and proceed with finalising your order and making payment, the code cannot be added afterwards by Herbi's Dino team or by yourself.

Please double-check your order before completing it to ensure the code has been applied.

Do I get anything for referring my friends?

Yes, for sure! Sign up to Herbi's referral rewards program here!

Give your friends the gift of $25 off their order, and you earn $25 off your next order too. 

If you have trouble applying your $25 off discount code to your subscription simply email us at meals@herbidoor.com and we will take care of it for you. 

For each friend you refer, you earn a $25 discount coupon. They can't be used in the same order, but you can use them on subsequent orders. Some of the creative places people share their codes are Instagram posts, Instagram stories (swipe up), replies to posts in Facebook groups, blogs, friends and family! 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Herbi sure does! Check them out here!

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, Herbi offers free delivery on orders over $160... WOOHOO!

Can I get meal alterations?

As Herbi hand makes the food in batches we cannot make alterations to individual meals.

He recommends that you read the ingredients listed with each meal before making your selection for any ingredients that you may be allergic to or you find yucky.

How are the calories calculated?

Herbi uses Chronometer and the Australian Nutritional Guidelines of 2000 calories per a day. Please bear in mind that everyone's nutritional needs are different and that your own circumstances should be considered before ordering any meals from herbidoor.com 

This information can be found on each of the product pages by clicking on each individual product.

What's in the meals & how do I check for allergens?

On each of the product pages below the description of the meal, you will find all of the ingredients listed for each meal.

Herbi understands that you may have specific dietary needs, so some meals may not be suitable.

While we are cautious when it comes to meal preparation and careful to ensure that cross contamination is avoided we do use peanuts and have dishes that contain gluten made in our kitchen. 

Your allergy is your responsibility.

Does Herbi have gluten-free options?

He sure does and you can fid them here!

Please note Herbi's kitchen does contain meals that use gluten.

All necessary precautions are made to eliminate and gluten from his gluten free meals. However if you have severe Coeliac allergies Herbi's food may not be for you :(

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Herbi sources his fresh, spray free produce from local farmers in the South East Queensland and Northern Rivers Areas. Plus we also get bulk goods from our local bulk food health store. This ensures the freshest ingredients for you and Herbi loves to support the local business community.

The remaining ingredients are sourced from Australian wholesalers. 

All allergen information and ingredients used are listed in the description of each meal on the herbidoor.com website. Please check each this information on each meal before ordering.

How many days / shelf life will my meals have when I receive them?

Depending on your distance from our kitchen will depend on how many days shelf life your meals will have when you receive them.

We make all meals fresh each week in batches.

We aim for you to have at least 5 - 10 days on the best before when you receive your meals so that gives you enough time to consume them.

If you want to get a longer shelf life out of your meals, we do send them fresh (never frozen) so you can choose to freeze them if need be.

How big are the meals?

Herbi's desserts range from 200g to 300g, while our meals range from 300g to 400g.

Where are the meals prepared?

All your noms are prepared in Herbi's commercial, Council approved 100% vegan kitchen. Herbi HQ is located in Gold Coast.

Do Herbi's meals contain enough protein?

Herbi's meals range in plant based vegan protein sources and vary from meal to meal.

You will definitely receive adequate protein to sustain a healthy lifestyle and if you're in doubt contact your local medical practitioner or one of Herbi's recommended Nutritionists/Dieticians to find out more. You can find their individual contacft details on each of their approved meals in the products section.

Are Herbi's meals healthy?

Here at Herbi our food philosophy is to make food as delicious and as healthy as possible without worrying about too many food labels or restrictions. 

We have many types of meals to cater for most people who follow a plant based diet. 

We have healthier whole foods meals and our Vegan Active Meal range for those who are looking for more wholesome meals. 

We select local and premium ingredients where possible and hand make all meals from scratch.  We would compare our meals to a good quality fresh home made meal, without you know... all the dishes, time and effort!

Are Herbi's meals suitable for weight loss?

You can use Herbi's meals as part of your weight loss goals.

Are your meals organic?

The short answer is no...

Some of Herbi's ingredients are organic but none of his meals are certified organic. 

To keep all meals cost effective and budget friendly we chose not to go with certified organic ingredients as this would increase the cost dramatically. 

We do use organic ingredients, and also spray free, locally grown produce.

Are Herbi's meals oil-free?

We do have some oil free meals, if you use the "WFPB" filter on the website you will find the oil free meal options. 

We regularly are making changes to our menu, so if you have any requests please reach out to us.

Are Herbi's meals made form whole foods (WFPB)?

You can find all whole food plant based meals here!

The range varies from season to season, but we do like to offer a number of our meals as WFPB options.

Are your meals vegan?

All of Herbi's meals are vegan. We are actually certified by Vegan Australia, which has very strict standards around the manufacturing of vegan products.

Can I heat the meals in the oven?

If you are wanting to reheat your meals in the oven, please remove them from their packaging and add the contents to a oven proof baking dish or similar to reheat.

Please be careful and remove the reheated dish safely as it will be hot.

As we use PLA biodegrabable containers, they are not suitable for use in the oven.

How do I reheat my meals?

Herbi's meals are designed to be reheated in a microwave by piercing the film and reheating for 2-5 minutes depending on the power of your microwave.

You can also remove your meal from the tray and reheat on a plate if you like.

If you prefer not to use a microwave you can reheat in a saucepan on stove top, or for some meals (like the lasagna or cottage pie) you might like to remove from the tray and place in the oven on a plate to reheat.

Can I freeze my meals?

You certainly can :)

Depending on whether you have a fridge freezer or deep freeze will depend on how long you can freeze your meals for. 

If you have a high use fridge freezer we recommend about 4 - 6 weeks. 

If you have a low use fridge freezer we recommend about 6 - 8 weeks. 

If you have a deep freeze you could get away with 3 - 6 months. 

Herbi recommends that you check the packaging and contents before consuming if you choose to eat your meals after defrosting.

The pasta meals tend to freeze the best, and the tofu meals and meals with gravy tend to be the least popular ones to freeze due to changes in consistency.

What are the trays made from?

We use a fully recyclable PP tray. This is one of the best options when it comes to recycling. Just be sure to give them a good rinse out before putting into your recycling bin.

We have spent a lot of time researching this area to make sure we offer the most up to date eco-friendly options. 

Unfortunately a lot of the 'biodegradable' options are actually worse, and unless something is home compostable there are no real standards when it comes to what is classed as biodegradable and where in our garbage system they fit. 

The trays are BPA free.

How do the meals remain safe in the packaging?

All Herbi's meals and packaging are designed to withstand 2 full days of transit for delivery.

Then, on top of that the insulated cartons are designed to remain fresh at your doorstep for approximately 8-12 hours depending if they are left in shade or direct sunlight.

The gel ice packs can be partially melted when you receive your package which is not unusual. 

To check your meals are safe for consumption they need to be cool to the touch. 

Each of your meals will have expiry dates printed on the individual sleeves so you can rest assured your meals are fresh and ready to consume.

Can you collect the packaging?

Unfortunately our courier company is unable to collect packaging for return to us. 

However, we do have a recycling program if you choose to send your packaging back to us. You can post it to PO Box 260 Nobby Beach QLD 4218 and we will give you a $10 gift voucher for you to use on a future order.

Can I provide my own containers and packaging?

Unfortunately this is forbidden by Australian Food Safety Standards for meal deliveries :(

How are the meals individually packed?

Herbi's meals are all packaged in microwave safe containers (not oven proof) and heat sealed with a clear film.

The trays are BPA free and do not leach this nasty toxins into your food.

Unfortunately we cannot offer compostable containers at this time due to Food Safety Standards. The compostable biocane products currently on the market do not meet food safety requirements for ready made meals.  The standards are more strict for ready made meals than takeaway as the food needs to stay fresh for longer. 

We are constantly on the look out for more environmentally friendly products that adhere to food safety standards. If you find anything that you think Herbi should implement please email us at meals@herbidoor.com

How do the meals remain safe for consumption?

We use modified atmospheric packaging to ensure your meals remain fresh. 

This process keeps the food deliciously fresh by removing the oxygen from the space left in the tray between the meal and the clear film.

In turn this slows the growth of bacteria, oxidation and nasty organisms that spoil food and is 100% safe to improves the life of the food without the need for nasty preservatives and additives.

How do I join the loyalty program?

When you place your first order with us and create an account, you are automatically added to our loyalty program. For an in-depth tutorial, please watch this video.

What are the benefits of being a member?

You get instant ROARsome status with all of your friends! But for real, we give you great discounts on your Herbidoor meals, Gold and Platinum members get early access to try out meals before they are released (for free), you can redeem your points for merchandise, and we have a triple points weekend once per month. 

How do I earn points?

You can earn points for making your usual Herbidoor purchase, signing up, following us on socials and referring your friends to Herbidoor. For an in-depth tutorial, please watch this video.

What can I redeem my points for?

Free food and merchandise! For an in-depth tutorial how to redeem your points, please watch this video.

How do I redeem my points?

For an in-depth tutorial, please watch this video.

How do I track my points balance?

You log into your account and you can see your points balance. 

Do my points expire?

Yes you have 12 months to redeem your points, otherwise they will expire. 

Are there any fees or costs associated with the loyalty program? 

No, it's completely free to join! 

Can I earn rewards for past purchases?

No, unfortunately not.

Can I transfer my points to somebody else?

No, you can't transfer your points, but you can give them your voucher code once you redeem your points for a voucher. 

Are there higher loyalty tiers?

Yes! We have bronze, silver, gold and platinum. To gain silver status simply place 25, orders, gold 50 and platinum 100 orders! 

Are there any restrictions or limitations or earning or redeeming points? 

You can only redeem a maximum of $50 in vouchers at one time. 

What happens if I lose my loyalty login information?

Simply reach out to meals@herbidoor.comand we will be happy to assist you! 

How do you use my information & is my privacy protected?

Personal information about you and your order is between you and Herbi only and we take this very seriously.

The herbidoor.com website is a security protected and an https secure network address for your protection.

You can find out more here:

Privacy Policy

For more legal documentation including returns, terms and conditions and our disclaimer please view any of the below pages:

Return & Exchange Policy


Terms & Conditions

Herbi may share details regarding your order with courier companies to fulfill your order on delivery day.

What if I have a question?

If you have any other questions not listed here please reach out to Herbi's right hand man, Matt on his mobile number +61 0478 078 071 or email him,meals@herbidoor.com