PRE-START: The Vegan Carnivore Experiment

PRE-START: The Vegan Carnivore Experiment

Welcome to The Vegan Carnivore Experiment! 

For 30 Days, Matt Goss CEO of Herbidoor went from a standard vegan diet and followed a Carnivore diet, but here's the twist.... 

All of the meat was vegan meat! 

The results were astounding and even shocked Matt. 

Here is his Before and After... 

We realise this is a bit of a *spoiler alert* but we promise you there will be plenty more surprises along the way. 

This transformation proves one thing, you don't need meat to build muscle quickly! 

Gaining an incredible 2kg of muscle and shedding over 6% of body fat in just 30 days shows, that eating plants is incredibly powerful. 

The bulk of Matt's diet came from our Plant Providore vegan meats, available on our website at Herbidoor. 

Follow along with his progress and see how he transforms following a Vegan Carnivore diet. 

Check out PRE-START: EPISODE ONE on @thevegcarnivore page 





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