ROAR Ep 1: Starting a Vegan Food Business

ROAR Ep 1: Starting a Vegan Food Business

Herbidoor started in early 2018 after Matt Goss went vegan and noticed a distinct lack of convenient 'home style' vegan options available either delivered directly to you, or available in the supermarket.

After starting out by delivering locally around the Tweed and Gold Coast, Herbidoor was featured on Channel 7 and soon was delivering all across Australia. Fresh vegan meals delivered to you is Herbidoor's specialty. We make a wide variety of meals from Everyday Essentials which are our affordable convenience meals. Our Comfort Food range which include things like vegan carbonara. Our Active Meal range all contain a minimum of 25g of protein per meal. Our signature series meals all contain our hand made vegan meats that are bespoke created by our team of chefs. Herbidoor creates fresh, chef made meals and delivers them to your door.

But it hasn't always been smooth sailing. Herbidoor's growth has been hard fought and has persevered through COVID-19 lockdowns and the floods that savaged the east coast in early 2022. When you have a dream of making it easy to eat vegan though, it makes the tough times easier to weather. Listen to EP1 of ROAR to hear Matt's story and the story of Herbidoor started.


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