Guide To Freezing Your Herbidoor Meals

Guide To Freezing Your Herbidoor Meals

While it is possible to freeze any of your Herbi meals, just incase you won't eat them in time, there are some that definitely freeze better than others. 
We have created this short guide to help you choose which meals are the best ones to freeze. 
Based on feedback and testing, we have discovered that the following meals defrost quite well: 
  1. Sunday Roast (although the gravy can go a bit jelly like)
  2. Buttered Chickpea
  3. Thai Green Curry 
  4. Tikka Masala 
  5. Paneer Masala 
  6. Ayurvedic Cleansing Kitchari

If there are ones that you should avoid freezing, our pics would be these: 

  1. Stroganoff and Roasted Gems, the TVP strips can go a bit chewy
  2. Breakfast Enchiladas, the bread in the enchilada wrap will go soggy when defrosting

As for the rest, it can be your personal preference whether you freeze or not.  We always suggest that you eat your meals fresh if you can. However, we understand that sometimes this may not always be possible. As soon as you realise that you may not eat your meal before the expiry date, then we recommend placing it in your freezer as soon as possible. 

If you have any suggestions for what meals you think freeze best, we would love to hear! Simply email us - 

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