A Beginners Guide to Eating Plant-Based

A Beginners Guide to Eating Plant-Based

So you want to go plant based? At first it can feel a bit overwhelming. Years (or even a lifetime) of eating a certain way, food routines and habits, it can be a bit stressful to try and shake it up. 
Eating plant-based is so rewarding, and healthy. Plus there is no better time to make the switch. 
With the climate emergency, eating a plant-based diet can be one of the easiest ways you can contribute to a more sustainable future. Plant-based options are often cheaper, and it is something you can easily control. There are also ethical implications with eating animal products, especially from intensive animal agriculture feedlots where the animals live in absolutely horrific conditions until they are slaughtered. 
There are an abundance of plant-based options on the market now to make the transition easier for you, and to give you comparable options to what you may have consumed before you made the switch. 
Word of warning however, don't expect things to taste exactly the same. Just like you wouldn't expect two different brands to taste the same, vegan products won't taste exactly the same. 
If it's easier for you to transition by going plant-based a few days per week, or eliminating certain animal products first, then go for it. Some people can thrive by going vegan overnight, while for others this may cause a lot of overwhelm. Remember, it's your journey and every step you can take toward a plant based diet is a win for yourself, a win for the environment and a win for the animals. 
If you need help with going plant based and don't know where to start in the kitchen, let us take some of the stress out of it for you. Our chefs will be delighted to cook for you and make you fresh, vegan meals. We'll then deliver them right to your door, so you don't have to worry. This can help ease some of the stress and overwhelm of making a major life change. 
Check out our menu HERE! 
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