Do you want to get lean, tone up or build muscle? Don't worry. Herbi's gotchu!

Herbi had been receiving a lot of requests to deliver macro-friendly, lean, muscle building meals for all you plant-based gym goers... or from those just looking to get a bit leaner. And rather than just creating more meals, Herbi knew he wanted to bring you something extra special so that you had an exact road map to follow, as well as meals delivered to get you RESULTS FAST! Herbi knew from the moment he decided to embark on this project that he only wanted to work with one person - Vegan Fitness Model aka Crissi! 

Crissi already had an extremely popular range of meals that ticked all the boxes when it came to get shredded, and building muscle on a plant-based diet.  

So Herbi is super excited to announce that you can now some of Crissi's most popular meals, as well as a BONUS meal plan (and ladies you also get access to a free coaching support group) as well as some other special surprises by signing up below! 

What meals can you order? 

Choose from a wide range of macro calculated, high protein, whole food plant based meals designed by Vegan Fitness Model, Crissi Carvalho. With dishes rotated seasonally, you can be assured that being fit, healthy and vegan has never been easier.

All of Crissi’s Vegan Fitness Meals have been given her tick if approval, so they are easy to spot on the menu.

Just look for the blue tick when selecting your choices from our menu.

What do Crissi's clients say?

Kim Simons

I have been ordering Crissi's meals most of the year (2019) until she stopped due to her popular cafe becoming even busier! I have lost 20kgs from eating her meals. Then I started ordering from Herbidoor.

I am time poor and have never been a good cook. The meals allowed me to have variety and always made me feel full and satisfied. I ate them for lunch and dinner five days a week. I lost weight every week I kept to this routine. When I couldn’t get in to get the meals (I had to drive 45 mins to collect them,) I didn’t lose as much or stayed the same. I have trouble regulating my portions and working out macros does my head in!

I love how Crissi has done all this for me and now I can have them conveniently delivered to me with no driving. So this news is just a dream come true for me! The best of both worlds :) yay!!!


As a busy mum of eleven I have really enjoyed my meals from Crissi aka Vegan Fitness Model & HerbiDoor. 

I noticed cm lost particularly around my waistline, better sleep, improved energy! All within a month.

I'm in! How do I order?

Simply choose the package that suits your goals below, click the button and place your order. 

Looking to get lean, lose weight, or get a little more shredded? Simply select Weight Loss program. This program is also for females who are looking to maintain their weight. You will be given options in your bonus meal plan for your other meals each day. 

Looking to bulk up, gain muscle are a male looking to maintain their weight? Simply select the Muscle Gain, Sculpt & Build program. This program is also suitable for ladies who have additional calorie and nutrient requirements while breast feeding. You will be given other meal options in your bonus meal plan too! You will then receive fresh meals delivered to your door each week for a total of four weeks. It's that easy! 

Weight Loss/Maintenance

For people looking to lose weight and maintain their body not just today but tomorrow too. You get 10 x 350g meals each week & mix and match your meals!

  • 10 delicious meals to choose from
  • FREE Meal Plan
  • Filling 350g portions
  • Support form Crissi's private coaching group (Sorry guys, female only)
  • Discounts to all of Crissi's online products including e-books and more
  • Delivered weekly for compulsory 4 weeks so you see results
  • Flexibility to change your meals each week
  • Option to continue week by week after the first 4 weeks


Frequently Asked Questions