HerbiDoor is a trusted and approved NDIS provider that delivers his Fresh Plant-Based Comfort Meals directly to your door

That means you won't have to worry about doing the shopping, cooking and dishes... nobody likes dishes do they?

The NDIS is designed to offer support to help you living a happier, more independent life and Herbi's meals will help you do exactly that so you can tackle the bigger things in life

Some of the Benefits Include:

  • No Lock In Contracts - Your in complete control and  can order as little or as often as you like
  • Menu Choice - You can select from any of Herbi's delicious menu items. Please check the ingredients and nutritional information if you have specific dietary needs
  • Fresh Not Frozen - All your meals arrive fresh, ready to heat and serve. You can enjoy the benefits of Plant-Based Power

There are 3 types of NDIS plan management:

  1. Self Managed
  2. Agency Managed
  3. Plan Managed

Herbi can help you regardless of you management type and get you fresh plant-based meals to your door in a jiffy

How your meals are purchased will also differ depending on your management program

How Does Payment Work?

    1. Self Managed Plans - Simply place your order and make payment online at HerbiDoor.com upfront and Herbi will provide you with a detailed tax receipt to make your claim with the NDIS
    2. Agency and Plan Managed - Depending on your funding and eligibility Herbi's pre-prepared fresh meals are partially funded by the NDIS for both you, your family and in some cases even your carer Please speak with your plan manager directly and have them complete this form CLICK HERE for approval by one of Herbi's Helpers

What Does Partially Funded Mean?

Because the ingredients themselves are not covered by the NDIS, participants just need to make a small co-payment to cover the cost of these – the only out of pocket expense for this.

In other words:

  • 25% will be out of pocket expenses
  • 75% will be covered by the NDIS plan
  • 100% of the delivery cost will be covered by the NDIS plan

How Do You Know If HerbiDoor Can Help?

It's important to read and understand how your plan works as not all plans are the same. You might need the support of your carer, manager of family member to check. If you are still unsure contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110

HerbiDoor provider support falls under the Core Supports section and category Assistance with Daily Living

His provider number is 4050048422

Do You Have Specific Allergies or Intolerance's?

If you have a strict diet that caters for food allergies and intolerance's, Herbi recommends that you carefully ready the nutritional information and ingredients list for each of his meals before ordering.

Unfortunately Herbi is unable to change any of his meals. If you're unsure please ask for assistance form your carer, manager or family. You can always double check by contacting Herbi on 0404733999


Currently Herbidoor only delivers to selected QLD, Victorian and ACT areas, to find out more please email meals@herbidoor.com