The Recipe Contributors

Tobi Straube

Tobi Straube is a former mechanical engineer turned into a culinary entrepreneur. He is the visionary behind the handcrafted, premium vegan meat & dairy substitute haven called The Vutcher.

Crissi Carvalho

Crissi is a model, online trainer & coach, an author, a private chef, an Australian Ninja Warrior, and CEO & Founder of Vegan Fitness International Group.

Dannielle Green

Started her vegan journey in 2015 after a lifetime of feeling conflicted about consuming animal products. Her passion for animals extends into her professional life as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, as well as personal life, raising 6 rescued cats and dogs.


Tayla is an animal rights activist based in Sydney. She had been vegan for 5 years and an activist for 2. She have two children, both vegan & thriving.

Caroline Dickenson

Started plant-based journey with her family in the early days of Covid in 2020 after watching two shows that changed everything for them. She then started her Instragram account to track their own journey and soon gained following. She now shares meals, recipes and plant-based products in the hopes people could feel "I could do that".

Ali & Stacey

Meet Ali and Stacey, Shepherds of the next generation. Their passion is to manufacture soy products of the highest standard. Making sure that everyone can access pure protein to fuel them to their peak without compromising on what matters most, their health.