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Vegan Active Meals are the highest protein range of vegan meals in Australia. All meals in this range contain at least 25g of plant based protein. 

This subscription comes with 10 meals of your choice each from our Vegan Active Meal range. Pick and choose your favourites each week, have them cooked fresh and delivered direct to your door. 

Enjoy delicious 400g ready to heat and eat meals including 

  • Paneer Masala, Aloo Masala & Tomato Chutney 
  • Lions Mane Stir Fry 
  • Charred Brisket, Jambalaya and Collard Greens
  • Lentil Ragu 
  • Pad Thai 
  • Crispy Teriyaki Tofu Power Bowl 
  • Rissoles, Sweet Potato Fries & Beetroot Chutney 
  • Protein Pesto Pasta 
  • Peri Peri Superfood Bowl 
  • Moroccan Tagine & Cous Cous Salad 

Taste one, or try them all. 

Don't sacrifice flavour or nutrition with these convenient on the go meals. We don't do boring or bland gym meals here at Herbidoor. 

Our Vegan Active Meal subscription is flexible, you can: 

  • Pause or Skip Weeks if your going away
  • Cancel at anytime with no minimum contracts
  • Choose a weekly or fortnightly subscription. 
Changes to meals choices need to be made by Thursday each week, before the Friday processing date. This also includes if you need to pause your subscription, or skip a week. All subscriptions are processed on Friday each week after your initial week.

You can manage your subscription from your member dashboard by logging in.
If your Friday payment bounces, your payment will retry again on Saturday and Sunday before the Monday cut off. If your subscription is unable to be processed before the Monday cut off, you will unfortunately miss out on your next delivery.

* Afterpay and Paypal not currently available for this service.

** The responsibility of managing the subscription is yours including making any changes, pause/skip and canceling by logging into your account and selecting the "Manage Your Account" link.

*** Once you have subscribed, please do not purchase a subsequent subscription. You need to log in to manage your subscription to update your meal choices. Otherwise you risk being charged multiple times for your subscription. 

**** Shipping may apply