Why Choose Our Organic Signature Series Meals?

During 2021 Team Herbi decided to expand our range to include a wholesome whole food organic range, our signature series. 

We wanted these meals to be high end, full of premium organic ingredients from local Aussie farms. 

Standard agricultural processes can lead to soil degradation, depletion of nutrients from the soil and overuse of the land. Also there is the run off from herbicides and pesticides that can be concerning. 

Even for our comfort meals, and vegan active meals we choose spray free or organic where possible. But for the signature series we wanted to ensure that we used locally sourced and organic ingredients to take you from farm to table. 

For full transparency in our products we use certified organic produce from three main sources, Eco Farms , United Organics (ACO 748) and the Bio Organic Farm (ACO 1009).  

All three suppliers are Australian Certified Organic, or only stock Certified Organic products. 

Buying certified organic means, you can feel comforted that the produce you are purchasing has gone through the rigorous certification process and has been held to the highest standard. 

By choosing to eat organic you are minimising your own personal exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. You are also helping maintain the integrity of the soil as organic farming practices are more in tune with nature and the cycles of the soil. 

At Herbidoor we want to support the biodiversity and longevity of our fragile ecosystem and by incorporating as much organic produce and meals in your diet as you can, is a great way to start. 

We believe in progress over perfection. We know that eating a fully organic diet can be expensive and we don't want eating organic to be prohibitive, or too high of a barrier. 

That's why we offer organic meals as a part of our range of meals, so that you can incorporate organic a coupe of times per week, or every day of the week. 

We always take a progress over perfection approach to everything we do. 

From helping people incorporate more plants into their diet, to helping people incorporate more organic meals into their diet. 

We don't want you to feel overwhelmed or like you have to be perfect.

We want to help you by taking the stress, and overwhelm out it for you. 

We select the ingredients for you from one of our certified organic producers, our chefs carefully hand craft your meals in our purpose built fully vegan kitchen, then we deliver them to your door ready to heat and eat. 

So you can spend more time doing the things you love rather than worrying about what to cook, how to get to the shops and how you are going to get all those dishes done! 

Ready to check out our organic menu, you can here - https://herbidoor.com/collections/signature-series