Australian Vegan Festivals | 9 Must-See Australian Vegan Food Expos

Australian Vegan Festivals | 9 Must-See Australian Vegan Food Expos

Australians are becoming more mindful of their diets, and plant-based or predominant diets are becoming significantly more popular.  The rapid emergence of a vegan lifestyle gave birth to several events and festivals to showcase new developments in the space.  Every state in Australia has their own time to shine, sometimes a few a year!  

Who doesn’t like an excuse to unite over a common cause?  This blog lists all the vegan food festivals Australia has to offer & what you can expect at each one.

Vegan Festivals In New South Wales

Alive Plant-Based Festival NSW

Travelling from as far south as the blue mountains (and probably further!), attendees of the Alive Plant-Based Festival unite under the common belief that humans should not kill animals for food; hence, the very fitting name!  Promoted as a showcase for sustainable, peaceful & compassionate lifestyles, this event is held annually on the central coast and hosts a diverse range of speakers, events, and businesses.  You can expect to find an abundance of vegan-friendly clothing, homewares, food, services, and personal care products.  

Sydney Vegan Markets

The Sydney Vegan Market is a monthly pop-up event showcasing the latest and greatest products, services, and businesses in the Vegan space. With an emphasis on supporting small, local start-ups, you can find over 100 stalls, yoga, meditation, and music! Drawing over 5,000 attendees to Sydney Olympic Park every third Sunday of the month, this pet-friendly day is a must-see for vegans and non-vegans. Head over to their website to keep up to date! 

Vegan Festivals In South Australia

Vegan Festival Adelaide

Although being temporarily cancelled, the Vegan Festival Adelaide is worth keeping an eye on in case they decide to bring it back in the future.  The incredible team, innovative stallholders, educated speakers talented musicians genuinely know how to put on a sustainable show.  We hope this one makes a comeback in 2023, as it would be incredible to bring Herbi along to meet South Australia!  

Vegan Palooza Adelaide

The Vegan Palooza was postponed for unspecified reasons, but we imagine the new date will be announced in the coming months! But so far, it seems like it’s been a bit of a bummer 2022 for Vegans in Adelaide.  The good news is that the rest of Australia is pulling through, and we’re more than happy for South Australians to come on and see what we’ve got too!

Vegan Festivals in Queensland

Queensland Vegan Markets

The Queensland Vegan Markets are weekly events that rotate between suburbs in major cities in the sunshine state.  You’ll find these on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gold Coast.  Whether you’re just looking to reduce your consumption of animal products, fully transition to veganism, or already live a plant-based lifestyle, we recommend checking these out!  Head over to their website and check out when the next Vegan Market is being hosted near you.

Brisbane Vegan Expo

The Brisbane Vegan Expo is the largest Vegan event in Queensland every year.  The two-day event showcases the latest & greatest vegan products, from food to clothing.  There has also been an incredible lineup of guest speakers in previous events, which they should announce for this year very soon!  One of the primary goals of the Brisbane Vegan Expo is to demonstrate how easy & cost-effective it can be to switch to an entirely plant-based diet.  This year, the expo will be held on the 17th and 18th of September and promises to be a mammoth weekend of festivities!  Keep an eye on the website and social media profiles for more information. 

Vegan Festivals in Melbourne

Vegan Chocolate Festival Melbourne

The Vegan Chocolate Festival in Melbourne is exactly what it sounds like: a massive day to celebrate one of our favourite guilty pleasures!  The catch? It’s all dairy-free & vegan, of course.  With over 50 varieties to taste, it’s hard to imagine anybody not finding something to love.  2022 has already seen this event come & go, but it will be back next year!  Don’t miss this one if you live in or near Melbourne.

The Big Vegan Market Melbourne

The name isn’t remotely incorrect - this market lineup is astonishingly big.  With over 100 vendors for attendees to talk with & browse amongst, these markets have more of a festival feel than anything.  All stallholders are companies that align with the ethics of vegans and provide awesome products and services.  It’s already been on this year, but make sure to watch their website & social media for next year!  You don’t want to miss this extensive range of food, clothing, personal & home care, and much more!

Vegan Festivals In Perth

Perth Vegan Expo

The Perth Vegan Expo is the only major Vegan event in WA, but that doesn’t discount it by any means!  It just implies they’ve got to go BIG. Unfortunately, the show hasn’t been able to move forward since the lockdowns in 2020, only two weeks out from the event.  However, we recently learned that it will finally make a return in March 2023.  Despite being quite a while away from the next one, it’s worth keeping an eye on their website to learn more about what to expect on the big return!  In this FREE event, you can expect to find local vegan food vendors, clothing, vegan groups & charities, eco stalls and much more.

So, have you been to any of these vegan festivals in Australia?  Let us know about it in the comments section!  And if a festival comes to mind and we missed it, reach out so we can add it.

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