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Ordering, Delivery & Shipping

Who & what is HerbiDoor?

What Day and Time will my yummy delivery arrive?

Can I change my order delivery address?

Where does Herbi deliver to?

Is there a minimum order requirement?

What are the delivery fees?

How do I track my order?

When is order cutoff/deadline to place an order by each week?

Do you offer subscriptions?

Can I cancel my order?

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Can I choose my meals?

What do you need before you order?

When am I charged for my order?

How much are Herbi's delicious meals?

How do I apply coupon codes to my order?

Do I get anything for referring my friends?

Do you offer free delivery?

Meals & Nutrition

Can I Get Meal Alterations?

How Are The Calories Calculated?

What's In The Meals And How Do I Check For Allergens?

Does Herbi Have Gluten Free Options?

Where Are The Ingredients Sourced From?

How Long Do The Meals Last?

How Big Are The Meals?

Where Are The Meals Prepared?

Do Herbi's meals contain enough protein?

Are Herbi's Meals Healthy?

Are Herbi's meals suitable for weight loss?

Are your meals organic?

Are Herbi's meals oil free?

Are Your Meals Vegan?

Can I Heat The Meals In The Oven?

How Do I Reheat My Meals?

Can I Freeze My Meals?

Packaging, Recycling & Keeping It Green :)

What Are The Trays Made From?

How do the meals remain safe in the packaging?

Can you collect the packaging?

Can I provide my own containers and packaging?

How are the meals individually packed?

How do the meals remain safe for consumption?

Legal Stuff

How Do You Use My Infomation And Is My Privacy Protected?

What If I Have A Question?